Our Core ValuesWe built our values on the hinges of...


With experience as our fulcrum, we have gathered all you will ever require to succeed.


We believe in the GOOD NAME principle; therefore we stake our neck to your service.


We are here today because we have always met your demands, and we plan to be here much longer.

About UsWe are a top-notch, CBN Licensed Financial Institution managed by a group of upwardly mobile, result oriented and dynamic individuals driven with determination and competence. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for being reliable and dependable, with INTEGRITY as our watchword.

Lending Services

Personal Loan And Salary Advance

This is financing of short term loans for salary earners and individuals that have monthly and regular monthly income.

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Trade Finance

This is financing of various trading groups and individuals through well cut and flexible repayment pattern. Having identified the need and the business

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Loan Syndication

Crownrise Finance Plc. can syndicate a loan for a large borrower with some other Finance Houses. When large corporations

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SME’s And Working Capital Loan

Management, administration and substantiality of businesses holistically

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Leasing Services

SME Asset And Equipment Lease

This is targeted at business owners, hospitals, merchants and industrialists. It is designed

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Vehicle Lease

This is a seamless way of purchasing car through effortless and flexible contractual terms. This product assures purchase of car without stress.

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Household Items Lease

Equipment lease financing is a product designed to finance various items for clients (Salary earners and Self-employed individuals);

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What Our Clients Say

“Transaction alert is always prompt.”

Onyeanusi Jennifer

“Highly competitive interest rate.”

Ake Kolawole

“Investment with lots of benefits.”

Bankole Olakunle


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