This is an educational product designed to help parents save toward the primary, secondary and university education of their children. The amount an investor needs to save over a period would be determined by the tuition fees. The advantage of this product is to ease parents of shock associated with school fees payment.

Product Features

  • This product attracts a return on investment of 15.5% per annum.
  • Parents will need to save periodically for school fees. Parents can also decide to save more than the required tuition fees.
  • Targeted to benefit children of school age.
  • All Investors are entitled to monthly account statements to view their investments at their own convenience.
  • Initial investment is N50,000 (Fifty thousand naira only).
  • Minimum and monthly contribution is from ₦10,000.00 (Ten Thousand) naira & above.
    Standing order for any payment of the ward’s need.
  • Withdrawals in the product are restricted to 3 times a year. Penalty for withdrawals more than 3 times shall attract a charge of an amount not exceeding 20% of the total interest earned on such investment.
  • The account could be used as collateral to obtain a loan from Crownrise Finance Plc. at reasonable rate.
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