Vehicle Lease

Vechile Lease Crownrise

This is a seamless way of purchasing car through effortless and flexible contractual terms. This product assures purchase of car without stress.

Crownrise Finance Plc will be responsible for the purchase and payment of the car; perfection of the car document, tracking and insurance cover will be handled by a company approved and endorsed by the Board, while client bears the cost implication. The car will be jointly owned until the obligor discharges his/her obligation.

The following shall be the peculiar parameters against which the applicant can access the loan.

  • Provision of employment letter with either confirmation letter/Redeployment/Promotion letter.
  • Provision of staff ID and another valid ID.
  • Proposed car must be from 2010 upward.
  • Auto Technician inspection certification report.
  • Facility tenor would be between 6 months and 4 years depending on the vehicle.
  • Proof of payment for tracking, Insurance and other processing effect on the asset.
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