Balakale Moses Olufemi

Moses Olufemi Balakale is a Financial/IT analyst of extensive experience. He was the Head of Marketing, Investment and Credit Administration before his recent position. He holds a B.Sc (Combined Hons.) in Computer Science and Accounting and a Masters in Financial Management. Before joining Crownrise Finance PLC, he had worked in various capacities and organizations.

He worked at Urban Spirit Ventures, a LAWMA franchisee, as the General Manager. His experience was called to play as he and his team reduced receivables for the company to an all-time low. He held the position of Finance and Admin Manager before the promotion to the position of the General Manager. He worked at Rhodium and Lambert Consulting Limited as Head of Finance and Admin where he grew the financial position of the organisation by over 70% in his short stint.

At the time he was at the firm, 10 branches were established all over the Country and the firm became a name to be reckoned with in misery shopping/service evaluation in the banking industry in Nigeria. At Chips, Bits and Bytes, a blue chip Computer firm, he was the Software Manager for about three years with a strong emphasis on relational database management systems and application software development.

He was also, Head of Finance and Accounting, Head of IT and Business Development Manager at different times in Skyfield Savings and Loans Limited (now Brent Mortgage Bank) for 8 years where he made a tremendous impact to the Bank’s growth.

He is married with children.

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